Foods to eat in Genting Highlands

Food has traditionally been an important part of discussion whenever the topic of discussion is on vacation. Places are famous for its food and cuisines and also the different kinds of restaurants that serve these cuisines. Malaysia is among the places that are known for holidays and destinations and there are thousands and thousands of tourists that visits this amazing place every year. The popularity of Malaysia is also because of its food. There are several restaurants that provide astounding food to the people and the tourists.

 Genting highlands are a popular spot for tourists in Malaysia and it is very well known for its food. There are numerous eateries in Genting highlands that are known for its delicacies. Just like the country, this place is also famous for its street food. There are many street counters that are very popular destinations for people’s appetite. Some of the local dishes are so astounding that people come here again and again just for the taste. Genting highlands have influence of Japanese culture as well as French and that is why there are many places where Japanese and French cuisines are served. Let us find out some of the places that are known for its taste in Genting Highlands.

Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm:

Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm is the most popular eateries in this place and the reason is the kinds of delicacies this place serves to the guests. This amazing restaurant is located just near the Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm entrance. There are other eateries neat that one and the Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm Restaurant are one of them. This place is famous for its hospitality as the staff that works here is very warm and they are professionals. They provide their best for the guests who are here to see the food.
One of the specialties of this restaurant is the ambience. Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm is very popular for its seafood delicacies. There are separate dishes of prawns, crabs and other seafood. Mushroom dishes are very popular in this place and it means mushroom is served with vegetables and meat. There is a sweet taste and savory stock laden in the dish. The next popular dish is the steam cod fish which. This one is prepared by baking fish and unadulterated flesh. This restaurant is a perfect place for your appetite and a place where you can spend some time with your family and friends. So if you are planning for holidays, then this one should never be missed.

Restaurant Ah Yat Abalone:

The restaurant Ah Yat Abalone is located in the first world hotel and it is also a popular place for food in the Genting Highlands. The one thing that makes this place very widespread all over the country is the menu. There are very different kinds of cuisines that are served here and one of its popular delicacies includes local dishes. Some of its dishes are very renowned such as the dishes that are prepared from fresh water prawns. These prawns are very huge and the head is filled with orange and rich eggs. The resulting dish that comes to mind is Steamed Fresh Water Prawn head that is prepared by Fresh Water Prawn and cooked prawn eggs. This dish is given with a sweet sauce. Then there is the Song hack that is peopled by Marble Go by Fish and added soy sauce encapsulated in the core of the dish makes it the best. Then there are other dishes such as Steamed Wild Frog with Ginger and mulberries, Braised Wild Piglet Ginger and Spring Onion, Farm Chicken with Bentong Ginger Broth over Rice Noodle and tire Fried Baby French Beans with Caramelised Pork Belly.

Miegrand Seafood Restaurant:

The Miegrand Seafood Restaurant is one of those restaurants that you will always remember.  This place is one hour from the terminal. Some of the awesome delicacies are here and one of those is stir fried baby watercress chopped garlic. The next one is the clay pot pork belly with salted fish that is a very popular dish served here. Fish is among those things that cannot be ignored at all in Malaysia and Miegrand Seafood Restaurant serves steamed bak sou Gong, a dish that is prepared from silver catfish. There is also the famous “steamed tilapia” that is served here and with a bowl of white rice. This is a majestic dish. There are also several other dishes that is very popular such as Claypot curry fish head, claypot tofu and Leo’s verdict. This place is an amazing place that is well maintained and the ambience is superb. The restaurant is of international class and the staff that are responsible for serving as professionals that provide their best service.

Ze Yuan Seafood Restaurant

Ze Yuan Seafood Restaurant – Ze Yuan Seafood restaurant is a very popular eatery that is known for its local delicacies. Ze Yuan Seafood Restaurant is known for its seafood tofu. There are several other delicacies that this place offers to the customers and some of them are in the kampong chicken with ginger, wild boar with vegetable etc. Ze Yuan Seafood Restaurant is exactly located Jalan Jati 1

Others :

There are numerous other restaurants that serve other cuisines. There are some in the Colmar Tropicale, which are known for its French menu and then there are the Japanese cuisines in the Japanese village. These are some of the places that are very popular among the foodies all over the country and if you are in Genting highlands, tests drive your appetite in the above eateries.These are some of the popular eateries that are there in the Genting highlands. Every year the number of people coming to this place is increasing and the demands of these eateries are also increasing. The best local cuisine and also different cuisine from all over the world make this place the best in the business. These are just some of the places that you would love to go.