Resorts and vacation are two vital components of people’s life. There are many places that attract people again and again because of the beauty, hospitality, food, climate etc. These places are popular and when the place becomes famous and nations are known in those places, it is known as a tourist destination. Malaysia is a case in a place that is very popular among the people all over the world. There are many people and tourist that visit this majestic country every day. Some of the best tourists places are on this planet are here. Resorts and other hotels are popular and there are many world class resorts and hotels. Among them, Genting Highlands is the best thing in the business.

Genting highlands is a very popular hill resort that is located in the majestic country of Malaysia. Genting highlands is also known as Resorts World Genting. This resort is developed and funded by the Genting group that is a very popular business group all over the country. The average elevation of this resort is about 1,740 meters and is situated in the Titiwangsa Mountains, which on the other hand are on the border of Pahang and Selangor. Genting Malaysia Berhad operates this one. Form the city of Kuala Lumpur you can hire a taxi and it will take you to the resort in one hour. Genting Skyway, which is the cable car, is also one of the sources which can be availed by the people to reach the resort. According to sources this is the fastest in the world.

Without hotels any resort is incomplete and in the ‘Genting highlands’ there are five hotels and one of the hotel is the largest in the world (First World Hotel). Following are the five hotels:

  • Genting Grand
  • Theme Park Hotel
  • Maxims
  • First World Hotel
  • Resort Hotel

This resort is also known to host many world events and among them the film awards are very popular. Indian film awards were hosted here. Some of them are IIFA Awards 2002. MTV Asia Awards (2008), Lux Style Awards (2007), Zee Cine Awards (2007) etc, concerts such as X-Pax ‘XLive Festival’ 2008 also was hosted.

The climate of the place is amazing and that is why the flow of people from all over the world is towards this place. Most of the year this place has a climate that is a spring type. The temperature rises up to 25 degrees and falls up to 14 degrees. The lowest temperature that was measured was 14 degrees.

Food is an important aspect of any tourism and it is one of those things that attract people again and again to that place. There are many popular eateries and restaurants in Genting highlands. Some of the best cuisine in the world is served here, from India to Western and from Japanese to Mexican, all kinds if cuisine is served in these amazing places.

Food is always an integral part of any vacation or holidays. In fact, we look for the best in the business in our daily life. And when you are in a place like Malaysia, you are in the food paradise of the world. ‘Genting highlands’ is one such place that is known for its excellent delicacies and street food. Some of the best business and restaurants that serve those are here in ‘Genting highlands’.

‘Genting highlands’is a very famous tourist destination in Malaysia and there are thousands of tourists that come to ‘Genting highlands’for vacation every year. This is one of those places that are regarded as the shopping paradise. This place is famous for its street food and shopping malls. Malaysia is one of those places that have been regarded as the most visited tourist destinations in the world and the reason behind is that there are many amazing tourist destinations in Malaysia that attract thousands of people from all round the world. ‘Genting highlands’is one of those places. There are many amazing places in ‘Genting highlands’and the climate are very much suited for travels and tours and that is why the percentage of people travelling to ‘Genting highlands’has been increasing every day

Food is one reason why people come to this place again and again. Like the country, ‘Genting highlands’is also very popular for its street food. There are several restaurants in ‘Genting highlands’that serves quality food and dishes. One can find local Malay cuisine, fusion cuisine, Indian dishes, Chinese dishes and many others. Restaurants that serve these cuisines are very old and the ambiences are amazing. There are many live bands that perform in the concerts and also in the streets. So if you are in ‘Genting highlands’, the one thing that you do not want to miss is the live bands. There are also snake dances that local snake handlers perform and the act is very popular all over the world. There are performers that make snakes such as King Cobra to dance.

There are rooms and suites that are very much prevalent among the people with all the amenities of a luxurious life. There are different types of suites and rooms, such as Superior twin room, deluxe room, one bedroom suite, family room, two bedroom suites etc. There are tons of facilities in this amazing resort such as Car rental, Shuttle Service to and from attractions in this resort, Souvenir shop, Safe deposit boxes, Shuttle service, Laundry service, And Major Credit Cards accepted, foreign currency exchange, Courier, mail and postage services, Baby-sitting services etc. Food is very important for any vacation and some of the best cuisines are available here in the restaurants of the resort.

These are just some of the things that Genting highlands Hills Resort offers to its guests. Every year thousands of tourists and local people come here for vacation and the numbers are rising every day. The reason behind this is quality hospitality and amazing experience. ‘Genting highlands Hills Resort provides quality time and experience in its package and that is why ‘Genting highlands Hills Resort  is popular among the tourists.