First world hotel

In Genting Highlands, no one needs to go on looking for a good hotel to stay. Genting Highlands inhibits one of the largest hotels, First World Hotel.  Everyone in Genting Highlands cannot miss looking at the colorful building of the hotel. This hotel has 7351 rooms; hence it becomes the largest hotel. It was the largest hotel in 2006 having 6118 rooms later, another hotel in Las Vegas became the largest hotel. Recently, after the second block establishment in 2015, the First World Hotel regained its form of being the largest one.

This amazing hotel comprises of two colorful towers makes it the most attractive one in the place. Also the hotel views the theme park at Genting Highlands; hence the guests have fabulous views from their staying room. The hotel is located just above the First World Plaza shopping center. During the peak seasons and weekends, the hotel is overwhelmed with guests, as it has the indoor games of the theme park. One amazing feature of this hotel is it the first one to launch express automated check in and check out kiosks.

The First World Hotel is most popular in Genting Highlands for it cheapest rates for the rooms. The hotel has two towers, which are made attractive. There are different kinds of room available in the hotel. A total of 7351 rooms are present, of which there are

  • 3164 standard rooms
  • 2922 deluxe rooms
  • 649 deluxe triple rooms
  • 482 super deluxe rooms
  • 136 club rooms

All the types of rooms have queen size or twin beds. When the new block was raised the deluxe and triple deluxe rooms were named as XYZ deluxe rooms and XYZ triple deluxe rooms respectively. Irrespective of the kind of room, the average size of the room is around 170.70 square feet. This entire hotel is managed by the joint venture of Resorts Sdn and Bhd and First World Hotel.

The First World Hotel provides a good number of facilities for its guests. Facilities include an indoor theme park, lobby café /deli, First world café, World club lounge, fitness centers, massage spas, Wi-Fi internet access. Apart from these facilities the hotel is best in terms of service too.

The hotel is located above the busy First World Plaza, which houses arcades, shopping malls, outlets for dining, casinos, and Genting indoor theme park. Also, it has video games park, Cineplex and a stage to showcase various performances. Hence the hotel has a huge crowd of guests, which makes it even more popular.

The only disadvantage is this hotel is rated as three star hotels, in Genting Highlands. Never matters as the hotel has a good website where in the room photos are posted and people can have a look at the website and get assured of their bookings. The hotel has elegant infrastructure and has good planning of the rooms which makes the guests to have their privacy in spite of the large number of guests. Trips get memorable only if our stay is in a comfortable good hotel.